april 2013 / celebrating salt

Hotels that use locally-sourced materials are all the rage, so for developers looking to build accommodation on a Bolivian salt plain, it would make sense that some of the white stuff would naturally find its way into the restaurant’s mills. However, the builders behind the ‘Palacio de Sal’ resort, at the edge of the Salar … Continue reading


Flame resistant Insulation Sea balls are nothing more than the remains of an algae known as Posidonia Oceanica, which when aggregated by sea surf, mats and binds the fibres together in ball shapes. They are usually found on beaches that are located in the Mediterranean, namely Sicily & Tunisia and also the West coast of … Continue reading

march 2013 / building relationships

It’s a simple fact that if buildings are what you do, then building relationships is how you do it. But the key to a successful construction of any sort is more in sustaining those relationships & something bloggers quite simply cannot control. Bloggers build platforms to showcase their passions by sharing in a conscious effort, … Continue reading


Rowan Mersh is a textile based sculptor who explores form and fuses concept with technique, emphasizing experimentation as the focus of his practice. A celebrated graduate of the Royal College of Art, Mersh has developed a unique aesthetic, which is at once obvious upon encounter of his various sculptural forms, whether it be textiles, sculpture … Continue reading

february 2013 / divide & conquer

This algorithmic technique is often used to instantly solve a problem of size, a solution is found directly by the division of a space into two or more smaller areas.  This technique can yield elegant, simple and quite often very efficient interpretations which can easily be applied to a variety of challenging dimensions. Spaces only … Continue reading


Through their constant creative thinking process, Kenzan have successfully managed to uphold and maintain an ancient tradition at the base of mount Ken.  When coupled with new technologies, they lay down the gauntlet with a product that just begs to be used … http://www.kenzan-yakimono.com Contact :  Mr. Tetsuya Ishii Maruei Co.,Ltd. 9-3-2 Asahigaoka,Tajimi,Gifu, 507-0071,JAPAN TEL  +81-572-27-3251 … Continue reading

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