Salt lamps give off negative ions and create a micro-climate around them. That micro-climate is made up of air that is similar to the air you breathe after a light spring storm.


We spend most of our lives in enclosed places. Our frame of mind and physical condition depend on the composition of the air composition that we breathe. Air is electrically charged and contains positive and negative ions. Scientific studies say that a proper balance of positive and negative ions is necessary for you to be in a good mood.

But positive ion creators surround us. Computers screens, air-conditioning, and TV sets all create a surplus of positive ions in the air around us. These devices make an electrical smog that may lead to you being moody, weak or sleepy. You protect yourself by adding a source of negative ions that neutralize the electrical smog and return the air around you to a proper balance.

So for a proper balance of ions in the air and for mood enhancing light around you, choose one of these salt lamps to put by your computer and in your bedroom.


For more information contact :

Zareen M Khan (CEO)

Email : sabihk54@gmail.com]

Tel : 92 21 32770606

Fax : 92 21 32771520

Mobile : 92 333 3458647

Skype : zareen.m.khan



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