Flame resistant Insulation


Sea balls are nothing more than the remains of an algae known as Posidonia Oceanica, which when aggregated by sea surf, mats and binds the fibres together in ball shapes. They are usually found on beaches that are located in the Mediterranean, namely Sicily & Tunisia and also the West coast of Australia in downs of between 5 to 40 meters. By nature they are proved to be non- flammable and have a thermal conductivity which makes them very attractive for construction. These sea balls, are also not subject to decay because they contain few salts and proteins. There is not a creature, crab, insect, bug, dog, cat, mouse etc., which will show interest in these felty balls – except man! They are suitable to be used as insulation in both the construction & automotive industries, commonly known within the market by the name of neptutherm.

For the NeptuTherm ® there are very many different applications. NeptuTherm ® is suitable due to its beneficial properties ideal for insulation of new and old buildings – especially any type of wooden structures and trusses – especially during renovation. For example:

  • The thermal insulation of the attic floor / ground storage
  • Roof insulation
  • Insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Sound insulation in wood-beamed ceilings
  • Insulation of framed structures / timber frame / prefabricated houses from wood

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