dr-sascha-petersDr. Sascha Peters is the founder and owner of HAUTE INNOVATION in Berlin. An innovation consultant, materials expert and engineer, his goal is to shorten innovation processes and turn developments in materials into marketable products more quickly. Since 1997 Dr. Sascha Peters has gained widespread expertise in product development, innovation management, construction, and industrial design. He headed research projects and product developments at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in Aachen, was deputy head of the Design Center in Bremen and head of the Modulor Material Competence Center in Berlin.

1. What is your favourite product and why?

My favourite material a the moment are edible packaging made my organic fibres, natural binder and some tasty. One example is Wikicell: “WikiCell is a deliciously edible form of packaging that encloses food or drinks in ways similar to how nature protects a coconut or an orange. Imagine juice, yogurt, ice cream, fruit – a nearly endless variety of foods and drinks – wrapped in delicious natural edible packaging.”

2. What is the latest trend in your industry ?

Because Germany is stepping out of atomic energy by 2022 I can see a trend in our industry working with energy efficient and energy producing technology.



 3. What are you working on now ?

We are planning a materials exhibition with around 60 materials on the Interzum fair in Cologne at the moment which will take place May 13-16, 2013. Interzum is the world’s biggest trade fair for suppliers to the furniture industry and interior finishing will be continuing on its successful course ( . In the Show we are setting the focus onto “Smart Sustainable Materials”.

Materials in the show:


4. What do you plan for the future ?

Our plans for the future are:

1. publishing a new edition of the book “Material Revolution II – sustainable and multi-functional materials for design and architecture”

2. realising a material show in Asia

3. doing an innovation workshop with Asian producers of biological materials create new product scenarios for the future



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