Last month we had the pleasure of meeting Amandio Pereira,  as he travelled through Asia on a whirlwind visit.


1 What is your favourite product at the moment & why?

First of all, it’s very difficult to choose just one piece. But my answer is D. Manuel cabinet from Limited Edition collection. This piece reflects very well our soul. Boca do Lobo it’s all about an exclusive emotional experience. Our point is always to present new pieces with one eye in the past and the other in the future; and in D. Manuel we can see the perfect combination between new techniques and the traditional methods. Beyond that, for this piece we chose a strong name from a brave and dreamer Portuguese king, D. Manuel. His support to Portuguese exploration was crucial for the madness and courage to cross the ocean and discover new worlds. He reached his dream with success and we fight every day for our dream too.

2 What is the latest trend in your industry?

To keep using different materials and techniques in the production. We have recently designed a new version of our Diamond Sideboard, and we created the DIAMOND EMERALD which is a good example. For 2013, the fashion colour trend is emerald and we decided to use it for a new version of Diamond.

We also have our Newton dining table that was selected by the trend agency Nelly Rodi to be presented in January at Maison et Object in Paris.

3 What are you working on now?

At the moment we keep working in SOHO and COOLORS Collection, but as usual, is in our Limited Edition collection is where we reserve the “special ones” pieces.

Beyond that, we are staring to work in a new collection for even more exclusive pieces for even more exclusive clients.

4 What do you plan for the future?

We are always thinking in the day of tomorrow and our plan for the near future is to open a store in the amazing city of New York in USA.

Amandio Pereira



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One Response to “PEOPLE / AMANDIO PEREIRA, Founder and CEO of BOCA DO LOBO”
  1. Thank You so much for publishing our news! It was a pleasure to meet you in HK. we feel so proud to be featured HERE! We hope You continue follow our news, we promise to inspire everyday!

    Boca do Lobo’s Team

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