People / Ian Hunter Co-Founder of Material Council

Materials Council was established by Ian Hunter and Brad Turner, former materials researchers at Foster + Partners architects, and founding partner Architonic, the global architecture and design resource.

1 What is your favourite product at the moment & why?

As creative materials consultants we’re exposed to a lot of new exciting and innovative products. I am particularly fond of a product from Hering International ‘Blingcrete’, which is a retroreflective concrete. A series of glass spheres cast into the surface of concrete elements which reflects light back at the viewer, creating a dynamic visual surface.

It’s an interesting product as it has an usual surface, creates a dynamic effect passively, using no energy and is flexible in the concrete body that can be used and the configuration of the glass spheres.

2 What is the latest trend in your industry?

Each material area glass, stone, ceramics etc. each have their own developments. There is definitely a move towards larger, lighter materials with increased performance. Environmental issues are also a universal development with all manufacturers trying to meet the challenges of high performance buildings in the 21st century in the context of climate change, increased population and strained resources.

3 What are you working on now?

Currently we are working on a proposal for a materials palette for a luxury hotel Spa, we have a number of lectures to give at various institutes on architectural materials and also in the longer term developing technology based materials selection and comparison tools with our associate company Architonic.

4 What do you plan for the future?

We plan to be global standard for materials comparison. Setting up physical materials libraries supported by the most advanced digital tools to create an inspirational and practical working tool for architects and interior designers.


Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter

Director, Materials Council

+447983 556 669


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