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Hong Kong based Mike Atkin of HEAD Architecture and Design Limited was awarded one of Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Designers in 2009 & with more than 70 interior projects to his name around Asia, we hear what makes him tick…

What is your favorite material product and why?
Tracing paper.  It allows us to draw and overlay and does not involve any software or Apps.  I’ll take yellow or white but have moved on from the clear type from Geography classes of yesteryear.  I would still consider the stuff your mum used to bake cookies on if in a bind.

What is the latest trend in your industry?
Not to draw by hand.  Photorealism is all very well but does not make up for good old fashioned sketching to work through an idea and solve details.  Get your pencils out and loosen up.  It has been too long.  We’ve been attending Life Drawing classes recently and found that this helps no end.

What are you working on now?
We’re working on a new Phoenix TV station in Beijing, a Kindergarten in Hong Kong and some commercial and retail projects.  We try and keep a mixed bunch of project types on the go to maintain creativity and avoid type casting and potato chopping.

What do you plan for the future?
We have recently completed our first green villa.  We intend to roll this out and retire early.  If that takes longer than expected then I will continue doing what I love until I fall off my perch: drawing.


Mike Atkin
Head Architecture and Design
+852 9779 0521
Hong Kong


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