letter from london err…hong kong | april 2012

courtesy of vitorio benedetti

by Melanie Nelson

Didn’t have much time for anything in February/March except preparations for the AND Furniture launch in Hong Kong. But did manage a 2 day visit to China, which was an eye opener as ever. One highlight being to pass through the recently opened Shenzhen North Railway Station in China, to catch the new high speed train, streamline modern easy at almost 300km/hour the ride was smooth and fast. The terminal building did look very impressive designed by GL Studio, in a joint-venture with China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group. I didn’t have much time to linger but the statement was huge, a vast empty soaring space and a fitting successor to the traditions of the Victorian industrialists.

Shenzhen North Railway Station interiorShenzhen North Railway Station interiorChinese HIgh Speed TrainShenzhen North Railway Station exterior

The station has two main levels. The lower one with 11 station platforms and the upper level, a large space for waiting, departure and arrival. I only managed to glimpse The 400 and 200 meters mega roof structure with bands of aluminium and glass as we rushed to catch the train but it certainly made an impression

Just missed the Hong Kong Art Walk an annual event around Hong Kong’s many art galleries, but did manage a wander around the Hollywood Road area. Traditionally, a place to find Chinese curios and antiques, good for buying souvenirs for the folks back home and now home to many of the cities private galleries. I particularly enjoyed the exhibition of photographs by Hong Lei at the Schoeni Art Gallery “in celebration of the dance theatre production sages of the bamboo grove a modern interpretation.  Concept/Choreography/Direction: Yin Mei seven.

Hong Lei's Sages of the Bamboo Grove

AND finally on to the main event at the British Consulate.  It was a fabulous evening of course with a good turnout and response (I will leave others to comment on the design). The Consulate were very helpful and we felt privileged to be able to hold the event there. WINGS did a great job in setting up the whole exhibition in half a day without any fuss. The food was spot on and the staff were attentive and discreet so thanks Gingers.

But most of all thanks to my partner Di White for organizing the event and chaperoning me for the whole week and thank you Hong Kong I will be visiting again soon!!

Melanie Nelson is the co-founder of Addison Nelson Design and AND Furniture.  She is based in London working on a diverse range of exclusive private and commercial interiors in South East Asia and Europe.


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