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Nth Degree Printed LightNthDegree has developed a pioneering new method of creating beautifully colored solid state lighting products. Using their own printed semiconductor technology, the lights are manufactured by printing semiconductor inks with a standard printing press. This low-cost integrated manufacturing method creates lights that are flexible, lightweight and can be converted into many different form factors – adding significant value to the end user.

The first Nth Light is a Flat Panel Light which is a 2’ x 4’ fluorescent troffer replacement that is ideal for spaces requiring quality recessed, general-purpose lighting. Efficient, economical, aesthetically pleasing, the Flat Panel Light is the alternative to florescent tube lighting in retrofits and new construction.

The 2’ x 4’ aluminum alloy fixture weighs only 11 pounds and is only 2” deep – including the electrical system. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of not less than 85, it has superior color quality. The wide range of color temperatures available gives clients many product choices based on lighting needs.

The construction and maintenance industry will find Nth Flat Panel Light ideal as it is light, easy to handle, quick to install and with a lifetime of 50,000 hours, requires no upkeep. Architects and building owners will be delighted with the design options made possible by the flat, low-heat, flexible form factor

The Flat Panel Light is printed with all non-toxic materials and contains no mercury or other hazardous material, so there are no HAZMAT disposal issues.

Product Benefits

  • Lower upfront cost than currently available LED troffers
  • Large labor savings on construction projects – lightweight, reduced packaging waste, multiple units per package
  • Easy to install solution with integrated power supply
  • Low profile Troffer design requires less plenum space for installation
  • Low cost “green lighting implementation” – potential for LEEDS points
  • Flexible and shapeable lighted substrate allows designers to create lighting landscapes never before achievable

Nth Degree First printed light off SeriaNth Degree LED

Product information:

Size : 2’ x 4’ x 1.75”
<13 pounds
Frame Material:
Aluminum alloy and steel frame, including the electrical system
Lumens: 5,000 lumens
CRI: 85-90
Color Correlated Temperatures:  Initially4101k,   Subsequently2700k, 3300k, 5500k
Energy/Electrical System: Integrated power supply requiring 90-100 watts for a 5000 lumen device
Temperature Rating: Operating temperature of -20° C to 45° C room side and plenum side
Lifetime: Designed to last 50,000 hours
Regulatory & Voluntary Qualifications: UL 1598, 8750 Certified Chicago Plenum Rated
Upgrades and Accessories (sold separately): Earthquake / hurricane clips, Dimmer, lux meter, occupancy detectors and/or timers

[Prototype manufacturing and product trails will begin within six to eight months]

For further information:

NthDegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.
+1 480 374 7500
Tempe, USA

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  1. I have read many article regarding to this topic and done lots of research for the same. but here i get something new.thanks for sharing.

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