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Intriguing optical effects are characteristic in these astonishing stone claddings, produced by Lithos Design for the multi-talented designer Raffaello Galiotto.   Enjoy how they bend light to create their own signature.

What is your favorite product and why?
To this question, I’d rather answer that the most interesting product is the one you haven’t launched, yet. If I must choose one of my marketed products, I’d choose the ‘Nuance’ project: a cladding collection made of natural stone, produced by Lithos Design with the ‘Pietra Serena’ sandstone supplied by Il Casone. The stone surface is characterized by peculiar light-and-shadow effects, created by engravings obtained through software and cnc machinery.

Their peculiarity is due to the high-precision characterizing these contemporary, engraved surfaces. Software programming and mechanical cnc processing allowed to manufacture what earlier had always been impossible to handcraft.  Despite being an innovative product, I must say that this attention towards the modulation of light upon stone surfaces has a long-known tradition. The history of stone manufacturing, in the western world, provides many remarkable examples.

In order to make the concept clearer, I’d like to draw your attention on the fact that the “Vello” model is deliberately inspired to Greek classical art. The idea came to me after visiting the Acropolis Museum in Athens, were I was particularly impressed by the minute and absolutely elegant sculptural work reproducing robes and hair on Greek statues. “Vello” in Italian means wool cloak or lock of hair, and the model is an overscale reinterpretation of the beard shapes on the marble portrait of Pericles, which was carved 2500 years ago.

This high-tech and design product is related with the oldest material men have ever worked, and this is the reason why I like it best.

What is the latest trend in your industry?
As concerns the stone sector, I think the trend is going towards a more conscious use of this material, and that the high value of natural stone can’t be depreciated to the bare marketing of low-cost cladding materials. I think its use is justified when it represents a “vehicle” for creative and artistic human expression, gaining back its ancient function. The quantity of stone marketed should probably decrease in favour of a better quality, maybe working on high thicknesses, this would allow it to be reused through time. In a nutshell, “less forever”.

What are you working on now?
Regarding the stone sector, at the moment I’m working on projects that tackle sustainability issues, and at the same time combine this ancient matter with highly-advanced technological processing, in order to reduce the waste of material and to obtain the greatest effect. To me, design corresponds to process design, where the object is the last step of a creative path starting from a vision of the market and its needs, then passing through the production system and finally leading to manufacturing, marketing and use.

What do you plan for the future?
For me the future is today, I don’t live in the present time dimension, to me projects are the future and products are the past. Anyway, I hope design will become more and more attentive to the requests coming from people of all ages and capabilities, and that it will make a priority of respecting the environment and its resources.

He studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. At first he worked for companies of the furniture industry, designing outdoor furniture, thus becoming highly experienced in the design of extremely popular, large, plastic products made using traditional and air moulding injection impressing techniques. He expanded his horizons by applying his knowledge to different, additional sectors, from furniture, to kitchens, to items for pets, to stone products, learning more about materials and technologies used for different types of production. In the stone sector, in particular with the close collaboration with Lithos Design, he creates innovative products and 3D machine-made surfaces, gaining him many national and international awards. These experiments are supported by the presence and the proximity of several companies working in this sector in the Chiampo valley, where he works and lives. He has been an ADI member since 1993 and is presently in the board of the ADI Northeast delegation. He edited and produced various events and exhibitions including: “Palladio e il Design Litico“, “I Marmi del Doge“, “Il Bagno visto da Lui”.

For further information:
Galiotto Design
+39 0444 688 404
Chiampo, Italy

Available in Hong Kong at:
Super Star Co Ltd
San Po Kong, Hong Kong
+852 2388 9868


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