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Flamboyant design duo Mevlit D’Jafer & Stephen O’Hare established their award winning company in 1999.  We had the good fortune to meet them in London recently and find out more about just what makes them tick and what tickles their fancy.

What is your favorite product at the moment & why?
We are really pleased with latest interpretation of our Leather chandelier, called ‘Tremble Dance’.  The material is nude vegetable tanned leather with reverse side in 23 carat gold leaf, the leather is knife pressed and then sewn by hand using a leather thong stitch.  The leather surface is decorated with our new ‘Hedge row’ silhouette stencil, accessorized with gilt bronze honey bees that have been cast using the lost wax process & polished by jewelers based in Hatton Garden, London.

What is the latest trend in your industry?
We are really interested in the trend for personalization, creating connections between the maker and the end user, celebrating craftsmanship and the rediscovery of artisan skills, sharing the stages in the creative journey, experience the piece being created.

What are you working on now?
Development of new ideas and materials is part of our weekly routine and right now we are exploring some new manufacturing technologies that we would like to introduce to the studio.

What do you plan for the future?
We have been working on a new web gallery for some time, this should go live early in 2012, we hope to be able to share with those interested the processes and skills that we call upon in the creation of our work, to give a greater insight into the workings of our studio with films and animations.

For further information:
O’Hare & D’Jafer
+44 (0) 20 7987 3946


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