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by Di White

Gilbert Lennox-King runs Business Development for Hong Kong/Macau’s Energenz Consulting.  They’re focused on helping clients minimise risks around energy use and creating energy management strategies to maximise cost effectiveness.

What is your favorite product at the moment?
Philips 7W LED Light bulbs – as a direct replacement for 50W Halogen light bulbs.  We have conducted an independent review of many different lighting options and found these to be the best choice.  High Lumen output and good colour rendering.

Why is it a favorite?
Very large energy efficiency gains with very little degradation in light quality, and significantly lower heat output than traditional Halogens, meaning lower heating loads.  Also, many of the 50W Halogen replacements do not quite meet the required lighting levels for a direct replacement.

The Energenz effect on electricity consumption (the red dots are implemented opportunities)

What is the latest trend in your industry?
Intelligent building automation solutions for greater building efficiency and smart electricity metering.  Getting the two to integrate to run buildings more efficiently and automatically is the biggest challenge but one we are having some great successes with.

What are you working on now?
Driving down energy costs in large buildings such as the MGM and One Central Macau.

MGM, One Central, Mandarin Oriental Macau

What do you plan for the future?
To expand our customer base to the broader Asian region, to be actively managing the energy consumption for many different customers, and saving our customers more money in energy bills.

Gilbert Lennox-King, BCOM SIA
Business Development Manager
Energenz Consulting Ltd

North Point, Hong Kong
+852 6908 5083

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