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rahmen jade glass in brown

by Di White

Ricky Chan is the Manager of Rahmen, based here in Hong Kong.  They’ve been producing innovative glass products for years and today we hear what they’re about in the first of a series of interviews with people in the interior design and architectural materials industry.

What is your favorite product at the moment and why?
Jade Glass, an eco-friendly material made from 99% recycled glass. It’s non-radioactive, stain-resistant, bacteria-free, and contains no glue or chemicals. It’s artificially strengthened to resist scratch, temperature change and color change. Its ease of fabrication allows us to develop different textures, patterns and finishing. We have a wide range of colors available and we will keep going to develop some new color for this product line.  Its flexibility enables us to adjust the product to fit in designers’ needs, while at the same time creating unique products that stand out from designs.

What is the latest trend in your industry?
We believe environmental friendly products are becoming more important in design, and will become a key element in future. We didn’t see this happen in our industry only, but it’s the big trend out there, incorporating into the main consumer market.

Jade Glass is a classic example. It’s made by recycled glass, and it’s a sustainable material that can replace traditional materials like stones or marbles. The flexibility of Jade Glass allows for application in kitchen countertops, bar tops, tables, floor or wall cladding, stairwells, bathroom vanities, shower stalls and even furniture tops. It can be used for anything and everything.

Uniqueness is equally important in design now. On one hand, the semi transparent nature of Jade Glass easily fit into the major trend of design. But by combining different colors, textures, patterns, and with the aid of lighting, Jade Glass can also be the eye-catcher in design.

What are you working on now?
We’re focusing mainly on developing different types of glass products. Besides Jade Glass, we are also developing on laminated glass. Using different inner materials and patterns, we are rapidly expanding our product base. Laminated Glass is another hot items we’re working with different designers on.

Currently we’re working on some hotel projects in HK & China, high-end residential show-flat projects, luxury brand renovation projects etc. We have finished Beijing Holdings’ HK office and the clubhouse projects in So Kwun Wat & Ap Lei Chau earlier this year and just working the residential projects at 62 Kennedy Road and the renovation projects in Renaissance Harbor View Hotel.

What  do you plan for the future?
We want to develop more special & unique products that can be tailor-made to meet designer’s need. We’ve just invested on new machines at our factory to further develop our product line. We want to merge other materials with glass to make new materials that is green and new to the industry.

We are also working on other decorative products like custom-made art works, wall covering and outdoor furniture. We have just finished some outdoor furniture for a new Starbucks branch, and we want to secure more such projects in future.

Internally, we’re hiring more project professionals to support our business growth, and we are planning to move into a bigger office in the coming 12-18 months.

Rahmen is a Hong Kong manufacturer of distinctive materials for architectural and interiors including design concepts.

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